This is the story of a lifetime of abuse, dysfunction and chaos that was my world. It was a world I avoided each day by wearing a "mask called normal" in my attempt to fit in. My daily life was a staged act.

Sexual harassment in my workplace deepened my despair and, in time, my nursing career ended abruptly. A shattered elbow soon led to shattered dreams. Protracted legal issues, profound silence and depression spiraled into severe anxiety disorder. I was eventually diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), something I thought only soldiers suffered.

Out of my struggle to overcome the darkness my story emerged and my book was born:
Wearing a Mask Called Normal

This story is my journey toward hope. It  chronicles the abuse I endured and the destructive behavior patterns I developed as I battled to manage the pain on my own, navigating a treacherous legal system and finally finding a path toward forgiveness I forged on the difficult road toward healing. Along the way, I learned  profound lessons about myself, my world and my relationship with the world. These are the lessons that I share with many of you who start your day, as I once did, by donning a "mask called normal."

May you one day remove your mask and embrace your authentic self.

Join me on my journey through my blog. I invite and welcome your comments and fellowship along this rocky road. If I have learned just one thing along the way, it is that there is strength in community.