<p>Inner Strength</p>

Inner Strength

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My Lightbulb Moment

“It was all a lie. I was living a lie, trying to hang on to my
dream of normalcy that I wanted so desperately to come to
fruition. In the end though, the act became so confusing and
convoluted that even I couldn’t discern what truth was. I was
becoming the lie.”


~ Amrita

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<p>Divine Feminine</p>

Divine Feminine

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<p>Wishing Peace to all in 2015!</p>

Wishing Peace to all in 2015!

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Sexually Harassed at Work

Sexual harassment at work is a debilitating problem that for the victim often leads to a no-win situation. In my
case, I didn’t even identify Roger’s inappropriate behavior as sexually harassing. I knew I was being bullied and I knew that
he was becoming more and more out of control, but I kept believing that if I persevered I could get control of this situation
and make it better.

Being sexually harassed by a person with higher authority is even more problematic because the victim is being mistreated
by the very person who is expected to be a mentor. Eventually, the victim becomes worn down physically, emotionally and

For me, it led to anxiety, depression, losing my job, and ultimately PTSD. 

Excerpt from; Wearing a Mask Called Normal


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